Empirix samarbeider med sine søstertidsskrifter for å vise frem det beste som foregår på tegneseriefronten i Norden. Denne listen er satt sammen av Pauli Kallio og Aino Sutinen fra Sarjainfo.

Finnish Comics Society’s Sarjainfo magazine annually lists critics’ voted choices for the ten best Finnish and translated books. The title translations in brackets are by Aino Sutinen, not official titles.

From Memento Mori

Memento mori
by Tiitu Takalo

Tiitu Takalo’s beautiful book is an autobiographical account of her life as an artist, sudden dangerous cerebral hemorrhage, hospital time and recovery.

“For a healthy reader, Memento mori probably serves the same purpose as the genre of horror.  One is able to experience a brush with death in a safe way – and to prepare for facing it.” – Harri Römpötti, critic, journalist

From Mutta suurin on rakkaus (But the greatest of these is love)

Mutta suurin on rakkaus
by Pauli Kallio (script) and 11 artists

[But the Greatest of These is Love]

This semi-autofictional anthology tells little tales of romantic love in the lifetime of a man.

“I thought it would be difficult to tell any more exciting and surprising storylines about love, but Kallio proves that anything is possible for a professional. – Tero Mielonen, critic, scriptwriter

From Tatt ja Patu – Kovaa menoa kiskoilla (Tatu and Patu – On the tracks)

Tatu ja Patu – Kovaa menoa kiskoilla
by Aino Havukainen and Sami Toivonen.

[Tatu and Patu – On the Tracks]

Tatu and Patu is a bestselling children’s book series. The illustrator Sami Toivonen goes back to his roots as a comics artist, as this title is in comics form. Tatu and Patu have a wacky train riding adventure.

“Havukainen and Toivonen set the standard for quality children’s comics. This works for both kids and adults.” – Reetta Laitinen, head of Finnish Comics Society

From Sarjakuvaterapiaa ja muita kertomuksia hulluudesta (Comics Therapy and other stories about madness)

Sarjakuvaterapiaa ja muita kertomuksia hulluudesta
by Viivi Rintanen.

[Comics Therapy and Other Stories about Madness]

Viivi Rintanen tells non-fiction stories of people’s mental health issues and includes a storyline of her own time in therapy, troubled family history and eating disorders.

“A heavy use of colour fits these rough stories. This book serves as mutual support for others, and it is an important case in the Finnish autobiographical comics scene.” –Katja Kontturi, comics researcher

From Ammatti: käsikirjoittaja (Profession: Scriptwriter)

Ammatti: käsikirjoittaja
by Pauli Kallio and 22 artists

[Profession: Scriptwriter]

Finland’s only full time comics scriptwriter Pauli Kallio has published stories from his career since 1986 in this big anthology. 

“This deep dive into Pauli Kallio’s career is also a good view of Finnish comics history from the 1980’s to this day.” – Reetta Laitinen


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